Imagination to Fabrication

Toronto Welding & Fabrication makes sure that every skill used to create your project is done with intent, care and perfection. Every job at Toronto Welding & Fabrication is done by hand and and mastered with skills over thousand  over of hours.

We make sure that every skill used to create your project is done with a special attention to detail, not like a simple welding project but rather a work of art. Each job is done by hand and mastered with skills that have been perfected over thousand  over of hours.

Our shop is set up to focus on custom work from start to finish. For starters, when material is received we perform quality control to ensure pieces are free of defects.  Then it is on to the task of processing material as per drawings, while at the same time cleaning, sanding and deburring along the way.  Once all is prepped and cut it is off to our assembly and fixturing section where the welding takes form and welds begin.  A combination of In-house and out-house components are intertwined and the piece takes a final firm, but still in a non-finished state.  It is then that more quality control is implemented and subsequently the work is either finished as a whole or broken down for components to be finished on a one-on-one basis.  Hand applied artisanal finishes take quite a bit of time and effort, but that is where the most important detailing takes place to ensure an exceptional quality final finishing and product.

Our in house equipment list is quite extensive and we reserve each machine for your custom project. We do not take material cut orders backing up our CNC plasma cutter, or offer our sand blasting services, or machine customers existing components on our CNC mill. Our shop is dedicated to your custom project from start to finish. Upon material receival we perform a quality control procedure to ensure each piece is free of defect. We then begin to process the material according to the drawings. All components are cleaned, deburred and sanded along the way. Once the material is cut and prepped it moves to our assembly and fixturing area. There the product starts to take form being welded or prepped and fastened together. In-house components are combined with purchased components and the piece takes final firm however in a raw state. The project again goes through a quality control procedure and your project is either finished as a whole or broken down into components for pieces to be finished individually. Hand applied artisanal finishes are quite labor intensive and when chosen products may spend a lot of time being finished and refinished if required.

Custom Design & Professional Engineering

Whatever you need, we're here to provide. We can give you prototypes and manufacturing bundles or just a single service for end-users. We even offer subcontractor services to professional manufacturers. We can create unique and quality CAD drawings along with expanded 3-dimensional views with top quality rendering.

You can ask our clients because our track records speaks for itself. Our services are the best in quality and always on-time or before a deadline.

Don't Sleep On Your Vision

Are you an architect or an engineer? Your ideas are no longer a dream. Together, we can make it real. Call us today, and let's do something HUGE!

If you are an architect, engineer or owner who would like to turn your ideas into reality, call Toronto Welding & Fabrication today

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